Having Problems with Publishing your Book?fix it book final.jpg

FREE ADVICE on Problem solving for your publishing project

Just fill in the contact form and give me an idea of the problem and I should be able to resolve it there and then for FREE. I’ll respond via e-mail ASAP

I know what it is like: I’ve been there myself when I started out as a Newbie Indie Publisher. Several books later(e-books and paperbacks with global-reach and some in real Independent bricks and Mortar Bookshops), created from cover to cover (virtual and otherwise) by myself on a shoe-string and with no previous knowledge, but with an amazing amount of help form the great online resources from other Indie Authors, I now know how to help others – hence I’m here if you want to pick my brains – I’ll gladly share what I know.

If you are having problems with publishing your own book/s, that would require more than simple advice, then contact me to discuss the issues. I’ll estimate how long and the different approaches to the problems to get it fixed and basically, I can hold your hand (virtually speaking of course) until the book is birthed, if this is what you and your book needs, particularly with the first one.

If this is the case, don’t worry about the cost as I have a ridiculously low hourly rate for the time-being because I want to build up solid endorsements to be uploaded to this website to let others know what to expect. So if we do work together and are both happy, then we’ll take it from there.

No Fix: No Fee if your project does require major surgery

…Only pay on completion of the specific problems being fixed and your total satisfaction of course.

Kindest Regards




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