Flip book: ‘How this Book was Made & E-Book 2 and How You Can Make Your Own’

ISBN: 978-1-78280-788-9

Publisher: Dig-Press, 146 pages

look inside the book

By demonstrating how the paperback version of this book was made, you will discover how to make your own.

By showing how the E-Book version of this book was made, you will be able to create your own 2.

You will also learn how to make PDF books, even with images

By following this step-by-step guide: from how to design & create the cover (virtual and real), to formatting and uploading this book and its digital cousin for global distribution, in the end: you will be well-equipped to become a fully independent publisher of your own books 2.

Using the tried and tested in this book will show you how you can do it all for virtually FREE, or at least: for very little money (depending upon how much independence you want). Plus, it uses highly accessible tools requiring minimal technical skills; in fact, you probably already have these at your fingertips as a writer.

Take a look inside and navigate the full extent of this paperback version of the book and find out how it, and it’s E-Book equivalent was created and you will have all the tools to produce and publish your own.  If you want to be able to work from this book with ease and/or you know someone who would  greatly benefit from having such tools in their publishing tool-box, as a special offer to anyone purchasing this paperback book directly on this site, shipping/postage is absolutely FREE, no matter where you are in the world.

Please click below to secure your own Indie-Publishing ‘How-to’ Book

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